Representative Cases

Professional Liability Litigation

We defended a prominent Pacific Northwest law firm in a six week trial alleging legal malpractice in connection with the administration of a trust. The trial resulted in a defense verdict in favor of our client.

We defended one of the nation’s largest law firms against claims arising out of a sale of a technology company. After a two week jury trial, the legal malpractice claims were dismissed.

We defended a nationally prominent law firm against allegations of legal malpractice in a case involving a start-up internet bank, in which the plaintiffs sought over $300 million in damages. Following an eight week trial, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of our client.

We defended a nationally prominent law firm against a $100 million legal malpractice claim arising out of an initial public offering and subsequent litigation related to that offering. All claims were dismissed.

We have represented a number of other firms in professional liability matters in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah arising from diverse practice areas, including securities offerings, real estate and business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and trial practice. Often these matters are dismissed on motions practice or settled for a fraction of the demand after motion practice.

General Business Litigation

We represented the area’s premier hospital system in a contractual payment dispute with a large regional health insurance payer. We obtained a confidential favorable outcome to the claim.

We represented a Fortune 50 company in an intellectual property licensing royalty dispute brought in federal court. Despite a demand for our client to return alleged overpayments, we obtained a judgment of underpayments in excess of $8 million.

We represented the owner of an NBA franchise in a lease dispute with the City of Seattle concerning the client’s efforts to relocate the team. After a highly publicized federal court trial, our client was able to relocate the franchise to another city. We also successfully defended the same client in litigation brought by the team’s prior owner.

We defended two Fortune 500 companies in business tort and breach of contract litigation arising out of a failed strategic alliance. After a federal court jury trial, we obtained a defense verdict on behalf of both our clients.

In connection with the Exxon Valdez oil spill, we represented seven prominent seafood processing companies that collectively processed over sixty percent of the affected fisheries. We recovered in excess of $100 million in favor of our clients.

Intellectual Property and Patent Litigation

We represented a Fortune 100 consumer products company in multiple patent disputes, including a federal district court trial and multiple arbitration proceedings.

We obtained a judicial declaration that several complex technology patents were unenforceable as a result of inequitable conduct by the inventor before the Patent Office.

We have represented startups and entrepreneurs who have been accused of misappropriating trade secrets or violating non-compete agreements, and counseled numerous employees seeking to pursue opportunities at competing companies, and companies seeking to hire such persons, regarding how to address potential non-compete and trade secret issues.

We have represented clients in high stakes trade secret litigation in the computer and biopharma industries.

We have represented a number of other companies in patent disputes regarding various products and technologies.


We can respond quickly to contract and other business disputes that lead to injunctions and temporary restraining orders. We have sought injunctions and defended against injunctions depending upon our client’s needs. Cases have involved non-competes, trade secrets, contract termination and contract enforcement.

We represent clients seeking protection of their business data whether in the context of trade secret disputes or in the context of public records requests to state agencies that have records of confidential business data.

Securities/RICO Litigation

We defended an attorney in a federal securities fraud and RICO case arising out of multiple investment syndications. A three and a half month federal court jury trial resulted in no recovery against our client.

We defended a prominent law firm sued for securities fraud based on its work in a securities offering. After all other defendants settled, we obtained a defense jury verdict in favor of our client in a federal court trial.

We defended a publicly traded mining company in a federal securities fraud and RICO case brought by several investors seeking to recover in excess of $20 million. After the case was dismissed on the pleadings at the trial court level, the plaintiffs abandoned their claims in return for no monetary consideration.

Consumer Protection Act and Antitrust Litigation

We were trial counsel for a major tobacco company in a consumer protection and antitrust case brought by the State of Washington. The case is believed to have been the largest civil damages case ever tried in the State of Washington. After ten weeks of trial, because of a nationwide settlement, the trial was terminated.

We represented an independent natural gas seller in a federal monopolization case against a Pacific Northwest regulated utility. After a favorable outcome in a Ninth Circuit appeal, our client received a multimillion dollar settlement.

We were lead defense counsel in a consumer class action brought against several pharmaceutical manufacturers. Based on “indirect purchaser” issues under state antitrust and consumer protection laws, all claims against our clients were dismissed. The dismissal was affirmed on appeal.

We defended a nationwide athletic association in an antitrust class action brought by student athletes. We obtained a dismissal of all claims against our client.

We have represented clients in federal and state criminal and civil proceedings involving antitrust investigations in agricultural commodities, and the construction, soft drink beverage and seafood industries.

Product Liability Litigation

We were retained shortly before trial as trial counsel in a product liability case brought by over twenty plaintiffs claiming cognitive deficits and respiratory ailments from alleged toxic exposures on aircraft. After an eleven-week nationally publicized jury trial, a defense verdict was obtained in favor of our Fortune 100 client.

We defended a Fortune 100 medical device manufacturer in a product liability claim. The nationally publicized case included a nine week jury trial.

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*Results in any particular case cannot predict the outcome in any other case.